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invirtuxs management and technical personnel have delivered proven results working with large franchise, multisite, and independent automobile service organizations.   invirtux helps auto service organizations noticeably improve their business by creating and deploying solutions that support the business decision process. 

Industry knowledge
invirtux has acquired knowledge with industry accepted systems including: point of sale, inventory, accounting, parts and labor estimating databases, customer relationship management, and key performance measurement systems.  invirtux applies this industry knowledge to create solutions that allow service facility systems to manage operational activities while providing a transparent connection for franchise decision support and centralized support services. 

car care dashboard
invirtuxs car care dashboard is a decision support portal designed specifically to address the franchise auto service environment.  The car care dashboard provides executives, management, departmental personnel, and service facility managers with the necessary information and tools to help support a profitable decision process.

Driving the decision process
The car care dashboard provides a cost effective way to capture powerful information from several sources into a single system where the users may visualize, analyze, and communicate important findings that drive the decision process. 

Flexible engagement types
invirtuxs services are available in several configurations.  Data warehouse, decision support, system integration and development teams can range from a completely managed and staffed invirtux team to augmenting the clients in house information systems department with specific invirtux technical specialists.  invirtux also provides sensible maintenance programs for clients that prefer to outsource maintenance activities.

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invirtux provides data warehousing, decision support, web based information portals, system integration, and performance measurement services. 

Industry knowledge enables invirtux consultants to work hand in hand with clients to understand their business information and create the appropriate solution.

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