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Industries Overview 

invirtuxís management and technical personnel have delivered proven results working with large aerospace, automotive service, and managed care organizations.  invirtux helps clients achieve their mission by helping them to understand their systems information, improving their business decision process.  invirtux applies their industry specific data warehouse, decision support, and information portal products and services helping each client to noticeably improve their business.

Industry knowledge
Working closely with clients in the aerospace, automotive service, and managed care industries has allowed invirtux personnel to acquire an in depth knowledge about systems, data, processes, business practices, and client needs in their specific industry.  This knowledge is incorporated in invirtuxís consulting service methodology to ensure services and solutions exceed client expectations. 

Solutions for the environment
Understanding the business environment and challenges within an industry has enabled invirtux to create products that specifically address the processes, procedures and client requirements associated with that business environment.  invirtux presents the decision support portal, car care dashboard and managed care desktop as packaged solutions specific for their environment.


invirtux provides data warehousing, decision support, web based information portals, system integration, and performance measurement services. 

Industry knowledge enables invirtux consultants to work hand in hand with clients to understand their business information and create the appropriate solution.

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