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invirtux provides quality system integration services for clients searching for a way to merge system processes or data.  These services follow invirtuxís accelerated development approach include requirements gathering, designing, coding, testing and training.  Integration types include application or component level interfaces, data migration, and transaction or batch level data interfaces.

Technical specialists
invirtux calls on a talented and experienced technical specialists group to provide a solution that will exceed client expectations.  invirtux system integration specialists have acquired technological knowledge that allows them to effectively apply the appropriate technologies to achieve proven results.

Proven methodologies
invirtux system integration consultants use industry proven technologies and approaches that are forward looking and maintainable.  invirtux selects integration tools, coding languages, and support products that are used and recommended within the clientís business environment, allowing the client to feel secure that their integration solution will be easily maintainable in the future.

Flexible engagement types
invirtuxís system integration services are available in several configurations.  Integration teams can range from a completely managed and staffed invirtux system integration team to augmenting the clients in house information systems department with specific invirtux technical specialists.  invirtux also provides sensible maintenance programs for clients that prefer to outsource system integration maintenance activities. 

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Industry knowledge enables invirtux consultants to work hand in hand with clients to understand their business information and create the appropriate solution.

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