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Providing noticeable improvement
invirtux’s mission is to provide each client with a solution that enables them to understand their business information, make better decisions, and noticeably improve their business. invirtux accomplishes their mission by providing experienced consulting services and the appropriate solution for each client.  invirtux consultants have acquired knowledge and understanding in the business processes, desires, and concerns in the client’s environment.  They use proven methodologies and the appropriate technologies to ensure the client receives the greatest noticeable improvement in their business.

Matching clients and consultants
invirtux’s consultants experience and qualifications range in industry knowledge, technologies, and project types.  The right invirtux consultant team is different for each client.  invirtux matches the client’s desired project involvement including executive oversight, in house knowledge building, project management, IT environment, end user involvement and user training with the appropriate consultants to achieve or exceed the clients expectations. 

Facilitating and nurturing involvement
A complete solution requires client involvement from the departmental areas that will use and maintain the solution.  invirtux’s methodology includes facilitating the user awareness and shareholder involvement during all development and implementation activities.  This involvement nurtures positive anticipation and develops ‘solution champions’ that will help control ‘ownership costs’ and enable the client to receive the most benefit from the solution.

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invirtux provides data warehousing, decision support, web based information portals, system integration and performance measurement services. 

Industry knowledge enables invirtux consultants to work hand in hand with clients to understand their business information and create the appropriate solution.

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