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invirtux’s dsp is a web based decision support system and business information portal. dsp works with a data warehouse combining information to create a unified, organized, and useful digital display.
The display is an easy to read compilation of information ready for user analysis. The dsp provides tools that allow the user to share important data findings and ideas. Users may attach a notation to a digital report, send another user a message with the report attached, or annotate a chart with important information. The ability to convey complex information in an efficient manner makes dsp a vital tool for educated business decision making.
Your solution dsp  
dsp combines powerful decision support features with intuitive information portal features to provide a cost effective way to capture powerful information needed to drive your business decision process.  dsp provides easy to use tools that allow you to visualize, analyze and communicate important data findings to your colleagues.  dsp applies your performance criteria sending you notification and intelligent business information that allows you to make powerful  decisions.
Making powerful decisions

A transformation process

Visualize your data

Analyze with power

Communicate important findings

Your decision portal

Transparent business intelligence

Implementation accelerated model

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